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From Concept to Market: Create a Horror Book in One Week

Learn the secrets of the most prolific writers, editors, graphic designers, and publicists in this workshop.


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are unhappy with this product we will issue a full refund within 30 days of purchase, no questions asked. Upgrades such as a stay at the Writers' Resort are non-refundable.

7 Days, 1 Book

Broadkill Writers' Resort ticketHave you ever wanted to take advantage of a great idea? Have you wanted to get a book into the marketplace quickly to take advantage of a holiday season, current events, or just plain beat a competitor to your audience's wallet?


Hello, I'm John Edward Lawson of the Broadkill Writers' Resort, located on the pristine Broadkill Beach of Delaware Bay. We supply the tools you need to craft a winning idea, write your first draft, revise, layout your book, create a professional cover, set up accounts for products, and start the marketing process...all in just one week, from Saturday November 5th to Saturday November 12th, in a convenient online workshop.


NOTE: this process works well for shorter releases of 10,000 words or less. It can still be applied to the traditional novel length of 80,000 words, but we don't advise you attempt that in this workshop.


If you already have a completed full-length manuscript of fiction, poetry, or nonfiction this workshop is perfect for completing the revision process and making that manuscript into a completed product. Those looking to expand screenplays or stage plays to fiction format can also experience the full benefits of this workshop.


ENROLLMENT DEADLINE: Midnight October 21st!


What You Get

Action plan. In the time leading up to the workshop, before it even begins, I help guide you through the process of prepping to create a book from the ground up in a single week. Value: $50


Make your own free covers without expensive software..for life! I am part of a team of graphic designers who have spent over a decade preparing books for distribution. A unique part of this workshop, worth thousands of dollars over the course of your career, is that we walk you through the steps to create eye-catching book covers. Not only that, we'll show you how to make them without having to spend a penny on software! Value: $100


Interior design knowledge. In addition to becoming your own cover designer, you learn the ins and outs of interior design, with free templates to make implementing the lessons simple, fast, and painless. This will save you additional thousands during your career. Value: $100


Publicity road map. Unlike some other workshops we don't tell you how to make something, then leave you hanging. Your workshop membership includes step-by-step access to the process we use when publishing books by famous authors like Till Lindemann, who has 9 million Facebook fans, or launching our unknown debut authors. Value: $397


Access to experts. Daily training sessions are provided, along with check-ins to monitor progress and answer questions throughout the process. Guest publishing professionals will also drop in and speak. Value: $497


Ultimate Horror Writing Toolkit. On payment you will receive the following reference material shipped via the US Postal Service and download:


  • Architectures of Possibility by award-winning authors and professors Lance Olsen and Trevor Dodge. Ideal for individual or classroom use, Architectures of Possibility questions the assumptions behind traditional writing; rethinks, and expands the very notion of narrativity; visits a number of important trends in current writing and the marketplace; hones critical reading and manuscript editing capabilities. In addition, Architectures of Possibility features something entirely lacking in most books about creative writing: more than 40 interviews with contemporary innovative authors, editors, and publishers. Ebook only.
  • Mr. Wicker (Bram Stoker Award winner 2015) by Maria Alexander. "Convincing in its haunting whimsy, Alexander's emotionally complex faerie tale comments on grim reality with chilling metaphors….Illness, loss, and heartache color this splendid, bittersweet ode to the ghosts of childhood."—Publishers Weekly
  • Soft Apocalypses (Bram Stoker Award winner 2015) by Lucy A. Snyder.  "Lucy Snyder attacks the page with the raw, manic intensity of an early Sam Raimi. Snyder's endlessly fertile, endlessly twisted imagination has never been so well-displayed."—Seanan McGuire, John Campbell Award winner
  • While the Black Stars Burn (Bram Stoker Award winner 2016) by Lucy A. Snyder. “Snyder excels in her depictions of characters struggling desperately—and often futilely—to extricate themselves from terrifying snares set by loved ones. Readers will find her stories a cut above most other tales of interpersonal and supernatural horror.”—Publishers Weekly
  • Total value: $50.84!

Four book covers and the Bram Stoker Award seal


No Payments For 6 Months

I have a family to support, business commitments, and friends who will look at me sideways if I throw my money around carelessly, so I get it.


That is one reason why I went to my team and insisted we use PayPal, so that people can take advantage of PayPal's buy now and pay 6 months later option. This means not only can you pay with credit cards, funds from your bank, or PayPal funds, but you can put the training to work and publish 1, 2, 3, even 4 books per month between now and then in order to ensure this product can help recoup some of the cost before you have to give us a single dime.


Exponential Growth

And what will it do for you to have between 6 and 24 additional books for sale? That is exactly what you will have if you implement our techniques and shortcuts, starting with the product we help you create, in just six months.


Even better I will include in your training a detailed explanation of the science behind why having a large number of titles available exponentially increases your sales--and not just in the "well, duh, you have more books for sale" way.


Traditionally this was called "the economy of scale," and it meant you could leverage multiple products for cross-selling, bulk sales, and so forth. However, in our new digital economy having a large amount of book titles available means something else entirely, and has a huge impact on whether your individual titles will sell, and with what frequency.


How does this work? Find out as part of your training!


Real instructors, real answers.

Instructor John Edward LawsonHow do you know you can trust our Broadkill Writing methods? What differentiates this week-long intensive from so many "information products" currently being sold online? Who am I?


A practitioner, not a teacher, but I have decided to share the techniques I have used in my own career as an author, and as a publisher and editor assisting working authors. My poetry collection The Troublesome Amputee was a finalist for the Bram Stoker Award, my story collection Discouraging at Best was a finalist for the first Wonderland Award, and more recently my fiction collection Paramourn: Unfortunate Romances receivable Wonderland Award honorable mention. Additionally, my work has received two nominations for the Rhysling Award, two for the Dwarf Stars Award, and been nominated for the Pushcart Prize. Hundreds of my stories, poems, and articles have been published worldwide. As an editor I've done freelance work for National Lampoon, Double Dragon Publishing, and others, spent four years as editor-in-chief of The Dream People literary journal, co-founded Raw Dog Screaming Press, and edited numerous anthologies.


And what's more...


I am going to pull back the curtain and let you watch over my shoulder as I do the exact things I teach. You will ride along as I write, edit, layout, and set my book up for sale.


You see, back in 2005 I began a novel that I loved, and still do love. I've gone on to release many books since then, but I never got around to doing this passion project of mine. You know how that feels, right? To have something ready to burst out of you, and all that's needed is the chance to let it happen.


Well, this is your chance, and mine. We'll be in the trenches together, allowing you to not just hear about how it should be done theoretically, or how it was done previously, but watch it happen currently using up-to-the-minute resources. Value: $97.



Want something more than an online workshop? Upgrading to a room on site gets you more than bonfires on the beach, tours of the Dogfish Head Brewery, going to the boardwalk, and other extracurricular activities. We have daily training with Q&A and plenty of time for you to implement the knowledge you gain.


Breakfast, snacks, and beverages are included in your boarding fees, as is access to our full on-site library of resource texts. Attendance is very limited, so extra attention is guaranteed.


You can upgrade to live workshop attendance by reserving your private room in the Broadkill Writers' Resort at extra cost, subject to space availability. Cost of travel to and from the event is the responsibility of attendees.


almost private beach
Our actual beach, and it stays this empty.



The Broadkill Writers' Resort exists to serve the community, and not just that of the publishing industry--but the community at large. Our business operates in both Delaware and Maryland, so we are donating a total of 10% of our sales to the best charities in those states as ranked by Charity Navigator, an independent charity watchdog organization.


As our 110,000 social media followers are aware, my son is on the autism spectrum, and he has been attending schools for children with disabilities since preschool. Over the years I've gotten to know many courageous children with physical and/or mental differences, their families, and the dedicated professionals working year-round to give those children the best future possible. Special Olympics Delaware has a rating of 91.45 out of 100 at Charity Navigator, so we are donating 5% of our sales to them.


My mother suffered kidney disease from the time I was born, enduring multiple surgeries that eventually left her with only half a functional kidney--and she had to get by on that half a kidney for many years, until her recent death. Bearing that in mind we are donating the other 5% of our sales to the National Kidney Foundation of Maryland, which has a rating of 92.95 at Charity Navigator.


Donation totals will be updated regularly. Keep an eye on this space between now and November 5th to measure how participants like you are improving lives simply by filling out the information below and completing the purchase.


It's For You

No bestselling author credentials are needed.


When I began my career as an author 17 years ago all I had was a high school degree, and certification as an audio engineer. The techniques I discovered rapidly had people online referring to me as one of the hardest working people in publishing.


The beauty of this system is that you don't need a book ready to publish when you sign up. In fact, you don't even have to make a book during the week of our intensive online workshop. You can just take notes, then make use of the lessons at a later date.


Undergraduate programs take four years at $20,000 per year, and masters programs take another two years costing $30,000. I'm not asking you to give me six years of your life and $110,000...just commit one week to give yourself a chance at the career you desire.


BUY NOW and make yourself part of the industry, before somebody less talented with worse ideas takes up valuable retail space, leaving you shaking your head as you see even more poor products clogging stores!


Fast Action Bonus #1

Fast action bonus: early registrants receive the following reference books in addition to the first set of books!


  • 100 Jolts expanded hardcover edition (Bram Stoker Award finalist 2005) by award-winning author and professor Michael A. Arnzen. "...this collection will be a treasured favorite for any collector of horror literature and indispensable reference material for any writer, horror genre or not." —The Horror Library
  • Horror Isn't a 4-Letter Word by Matthew Warner.  "From his humorous look at why an aspiring writer might not want to hone his craft on company time to more serious matters, like his internship at Edit Ink, Warner covers a variety of topics that will interest not only genre writers but also fans and those who may be curious about the inner workings of the publishing industry." —Dark Scribe Magazine Ebook only.
  • Monstrous Creatures by award-winning author Jeff VanderMeer. "A selection of reflections, interrogations, and dialogues about the state and nature of fantastic literature from the perspective of one of fantastika's most discerning writer/editors. The collection puts forth not just VanderMeer’s thoughts on making art, genre, and literature, but elaborates his idea of "the monstrous" and how it informs a variety of works and trends...It is the most incisive collection of reflections and criticisms that I have read in years."—SF Signal

  • Wraiths of the Broken Land by award-winning author and director S. Craig Zahler. 20th Century Fox has their creative team from The Martian—director Ridley Scott and screenwriter Drew Goddard—adapting Wraiths of the Broken Land into a feature film. Prepare yourself for a savage Western experience that combines elements of horror, noir and Asian ultra-violence. You’ve been warned.
  • Total value: $64.84!

Reference Book Set 2 covers


Why Broadkill?

What Past Clients Are Saying

"Broadkill Resort is an experience unto itself. It's beautifully furnished and in a relaxing locale along the beach, and is perfect for any small gathering — workshops, writing marathons, or simply meeting creative minds and building inspiring rapport. I can't say enough good things about this place." —Joseph Bouthiette Jr., editor at Carrion Blue 555

"The Broadkill Writer's Retreat/Workshop proved to be a total game-changer for me. Staff were knowledgeable, helpful, and professional. My time there was extremely productive, and I cannot wait for the next one!" —Jacki King, bestselling author of The Margarita Chica Finds Love

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